The first thing I want you to ask yourself is: What’s your dream? I don’t care how far-fetched it is or how impossible you think it is. We start from there.

I tell people to stay in the job they hate, until they can figure out what they truly value and then, Dare to Shift. That Shift could be to a desired promotion, a change within the same company to another function that is better suited; it could be a change to a completely new career or a decision to go out on your own. Whatever the Shift, it should align with your vision, your strengths and your values.

Step 1: Know Yourself

The first important issue is to know yourself very well. The first step in understanding what you want is to know who you are. It’s OK to let yourself dream. In fact, it’s required.

Step 2: Understand Your Values

The second step is to understand your values. Having spent many years working in career transition, helping people who had just lost their jobs, and talking to countless people who are unhappy in their jobs, it has become clear to me the focus needs to shift. The conversation I want to have with people is about what they value. Once these values are exposed and understood, a purpose for career and life becomes clearer.

Step 3: Explore Your Ideas

The third step is now to explore your ideas thoroughly. I propose a technique of networking for information; and because that scares people, I demystify networking and make it easy, effortless and enjoyable.