Hi! I’m Danielle.

When I was 19 years’ old, I wanted to be a radio announcer. People in the business told me that if I wanted to do that, I had to move to the boonies and break my teeth there for at least a couple of years before I could hope to come back to the big city. At 19, I wasn’t prepared to do that. I wasn’t prepared to leave home and go into the unknown. I simply wasn’t mature enough. So, I didn’t.


How I Started On My Journey

I worked in many jobs and enjoyed some of them. One in particular led me to working in the field of marketing and communication. I worked as Senior Marketing Manager for a software company for 10 years when the company was bought over. I was transferred to another department and was extremely unhappy. The situation was so bad in fact that I became quite ill, with what we commonly call a “burnout.”

Basically, a major depression. It kept me out of commission for over two years. I was laid off when I was still on sick leave. When I started to come out of the fog of depression, I looked at what was really important to me and realized that my values and that of the company I had been working for were simply not aligned. So, I set out to search what was most important to me.

Why I Became A Coach

I became a coach because in that search for myself, I discovered that what I truly needed was to help others. I became a career coach because of my background in marketing and communication. There is no harder product to market than oneself.

There are two morals to this story. First, that it is possible to come out of the other side of depression and succeed, and second, that it is vitally important to understand your values, your strengths and what is important to you.

Whether you’re in transition, searching for your own true career niche or wanting to grow in your chosen career, if you want to change, I can help make it happen.